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For Conrad J. Storad & Lynda Exley
Authors of
Arizona Way Out West & Wacky
Awesome Activities, Humorous History and Fun Facts

1. How did you get into children's book writing to begin with?

2. Tell me about the Arizona Way Out West & Wacky, or AZ WOWW team.

3. Describe Arizona Way Out West & Wacky and why it is different from other children's history books.

4. What is the Arizona Centennial seal all about, and why is it an important designation for your book to have?

5. There are some pretty wacky stories in AZ WOWW. Are all of them true?

6. What is one of your favorite stories from the book?

7. As you were researching Arizona's history for the book, what did you come across that really surprised you?

8. Who are JR and Jayne?

9. Tell me about your school visits.

10. What's next on your book-writing agenda?