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"Who says learning about Arizona can't be bushels of fun? 'Arizona WOWW' is guaranteed to entertain and educate at the same time." - Marshall Trimble, Official Arizona State Historian


Just like Arizona Way Out West & Wacky, Arizona Way Out West & Witty: Library Edition's target audience is grade-school children; yet, it is as appealing to adults as it is to kids! Highlights of Arizona's history are punctuated with true but gross, humorous, interesting and witty stories and facts about the Grand Canyon State. In addition to all the "important stuff" about Arizona, readers learn:
  • What Geronimo and yawning have in common.
  • Why sleeping in wet sheets didn't mean you had a nighttime accident.
  • What a glass eye has to do with Phoenix being Arizona's state capital
  • How many teachers it would take standing head-to-toe to go from the bottom to the top of the Grand Canyon.
  • Which Arizona city got its name by accident and much, much more
But it takes more than amusing writing and fascinating facts to keep children's attention, so AZ WOWW's award-winning creative team added recipes, crafts, games and science to the mix. Unlike its companion book, however, Arizona Way Out West & Witty: Librarian Edition's activities do not tempt children to write or mark in the book! There are no coloring pages or fill-in-the-blanks.


All creative members of the AZ WOWW team have garnered numerous awards in their fields: authors Conrad Storad and Lynda Exley for writing and editing, illustrator Michael Hagelberg for design and illustrations, Linda Radke for publishing and marketing, and curriculum writer Jean Kilker, a former Follett Librarian of the Year.

While students are entertained by Arizona Way Out West & Witty's humor, teachers and librarians are amazed at how AZ WOWW's "edu-taining" format jumpstarts learning by demonstrating to students just how much fun history can really be. AZ WOWW is one history book children will actually WANT to read!

In addition, this library edition, which was designated an official Arizona Centennial Legacy Project by the Arizona Historical Advisory Commission, includes a complete curriculum guide.